Rubber garden hose export

Rubber garden hose export

Rubber garden hose is a type of pipe that is designed to transfer water from one place to another. The main application of this water hose is for use in garden and garden irrigation, home use and also for washing roofed spaces.

Rubber hoses – the most common and popular option among buyers. Such a product has the necessary flexibility, sufficient strength, is not afraid of mechanical damage and temperature fluctuations.

During operation, the rubber hose does not bend too much, which greatly facilitates irrigation. The thickness of the strap may consist of 4 layers, which brings more strength, but unfortunately becomes heavier. These hoses have high pressure water networks and have a long life more than 20 years. The warranty period is one year.

Rubber hoses are lightweight due to their special chemical texture. The weight category of a product is mostly related to the molecular density of its constituent material. This means that the greater the number of molecules used in a chemical structure, the greater its weight. 

The best rubber garden hoses in Iran are PVC or high pressure hoses. These hoses are subjected to more pressure; And they have layers of yarn. Yarns, in turn, have different materials; And the amount of softness or flexibility of the hose is determined by their type, number and thickness. heavy duty rubber garden hose  are not commonly used in large gardens. 

The production of rubber hoses in the Iranian market has always had a special place because this hose has a very high consumption in the country, especially since we are in the year of production boom and many manufacturers need to build their factories and produce different products in Iran. These will be hoses. In different countries of the world where their industry is developing today, the demand for buying this hose is very high. 

Therefore, there is a golden and exceptional opportunity for the traders of this hose to supply this hose in the market of Iran and different countries of the world, considering the competitive price of this hose in Iran compared to other countries of the world, that we are ready to cooperate with all We are respected businessmen of Iran and the world. 

There are several ways to buy garden hoses in Iran. Pipe supply centers and building fittings are among the places where these items are sold.

Of course, the choice of shopping center also depends to some extent on the type of hose. Examples include industrial and agricultural hardware stores; Which offer a variety of hoses. 

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