PVC pipe Prominent producers

PVC pipe Prominent producers

Prominent manufacturers of PVC hose pipes have many activities in Iran PVC pipe Prominent producers. The sale of PVC hose pipes in the Iranian market is booming. Because these devices are produced with a very high variety; And they are used for various household and industrial purposes.

The most well-known application of the hose is related to water transfer. Plastic water hose is an example of the simplest and oldest irrigation equipment. PVC hoses are more flexible; And are marketed in different ways. Generally, all types of hoses are made of rubber or PVC. PVC pipe Prominent producers

Sales of high quality PVC hose pipes are done all over the country. These hoses can be classified in different ways. As an example, we can mention the difference between these devices in terms of material, diameter and application.

The types of PVC hose pipes produced are divided into the following groups according to their uses:

  • hose
  • Gas hose
  • Wind hose
  • Level hose
  • Industrial hose

Each of the above cases in turn had different figures; And they are used for various purposes. Currently, all hoses made in the country are of good quality.

The best-selling foreign brands of hoses in Iran are PVC or high pressure hoses. These hoses are subjected to more pressure; And they have layers of yarn. Yarns, in turn, have different sexes; And the amount of softness or flexibility of the hose is determined by their type, number and thickness.

The pvc hose pipe price list is available on the site. It should be noted that the price of 2 inch hose pipe price is very suitable due to its extensive use.

The method of processing PVC hose pipes in the factory varies according to their softness or hardness.

 Since the soft plastic product formula adds the most plastic maker, plasticizing is an important part of soft PVC pipe production.

 In the process of soft PVC kneading, in order for the resin to swell by the plasticizer, the kneaded materials are evenly distributed and in addition, care must be taken.

When adding a certain amount of filler (such as CaCO3), resin and plasticizer must first be mixed. If resin and filler are mixed first, then plasticizer is added. Because the structure of the filler particles is generally looser than that of the resin, when both are present, the plasticizer first penetrates the filler particles, and the resin does not swell enough. Doughing is usually done using the “Z” type dough machine, and the jacket is heated, and the steam pressure is about 0.24 to 0.39 MPa.

Kneel for 50 50 50min. After kneading, you should stick it repeatedly to prevent overheating and decomposition of the resin. The kneaded material is granulated and then sent to the extruder to extrude the pipe. The extrusion temperature can be slightly lower than the extruded PVC pipe temperature.

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