Hose water model QA381
The Water hose model QA381 has a cylindrical shape and its cross section is circular.
In the design and construction of a water hose, such things as function, size, tolerable pressure, weight, length and all play an important role.
After the discovery and application of polymers, especially plastics, due to the resistance of these materials to corrosion, industries sought to replace these materials with metals.
Therefore, first PVC pipes were used for sewage and then polyethylene for irrigation and water supply.
Stages of product production and raw materials for water hose production: 1- Mixing: Mixing of rubber composite materials is done in 2 stages. First, the raw materials and other additives are completely mixed. Then, by adding reinforcing agents, the mixing operation is done by a roller mill. The resulting mixture passes through the cylinder in which the extruder coil is located and is heated by electrical elements, becomes the first layer of the hose.