Gas hose model QA364

Gas hose model QA364 Gas hose is one of the most widely used hoses in residential homes and industrial plants.

It can be said that it is one of the most important accessories used in gas appliances.

As you know, standard gas hoses do not react much to heat, cold and biological changes.

Therefore, they are made of compressed refractory plastic.

The area of ​​its coils is 50 meters, which is offered in a variety of old materials (cable recycling), new materials, rubber materials, transparent and PVC or free and free.

Its working load pressure is equal to the city gas pressure.

Gas Hose is a type of hose that is available for home use in the size of 8.5 inches or 8.3 inches.

Also for kitchen stoves, gas hose size 1/2 and 3/4 with threaded rubber is recommended.

Also, the rubber type of its new threaded material can be used for capsules in short distances.

Features of a good and standard gas hose:
It is very flexible
High resistance to decay
It has very little sensitivity to environmental changes such as temperature fluctuations and can withstand temperatures above 50%.
The gas hose is completely heat resistant.
Made of a type of fireproof plastic.
It can withstand a pressure equal to the pressure of city gas.
It is very resistant to piercing and tearing.
The area of ​​each coil of this type of hose is about 50 meters.

When buying a QA364 gas hose, be sure to pay attention to the above points.