QA351 Water hose
Water hose Model QA351 Water hose is a hollow and flexible pipe that is used to transfer water from one point to another.
Water hoses are generally cylindrical in shape and have a circular cross-section.
In the design and construction of a water hose, such things as function, size, tolerable pressure, weight, length and دارند all play an important role.
After the discovery and application of polymers, especially plastics, due to the resistance of these materials to corrosion, industries sought to replace these materials with metals.
Therefore, first PVC pipes were used for sewage and then polyethylene for irrigation and water supply.
Hose material It is usually made of materials such as polyurethane, polyethylene, plywood or rubber, which may be made from one of these materials or a combination thereof. But the tube is hard and strong and keeps the spine straight as it sinks. The hose is usually cylindrical with a circular cross section. Hose raw materials Hoses are mainly made of different materials. Some hoses are even made of 8 different layers. All these layers are made of a different material. The outer layer must be strong, because it stretches along the concrete and stone. PVC is often used for this outer layer.