1 inch Focal Water hose

1 inch Focal Water hose

What is 1 inch Focal Water hose? It means the same size of the hose hole that their size is presented to customers and among marketers in inches. If you want to buy a water hose 1 inch in bulk at the cheapest possible price, be sure to refer to the sales center of water and gas hoses and ask the consultants of this collection to guide you.

1 inch Focal Water hose

The most important features that can be considered for one inch water hoses are: Acceptable flexibility, long life and unique endurance. Usually, these hoses are single-layer, double-layer, triple-layer and four-layer.

Applications of one inch water hoses One of the most important uses that can be considered when buying a 1-inch hose is:

  • Irrigation of large and small gardens and orchards
  • Washing yards and yards of houses and workshops
  • Washing vehicles
  • Transfer water to wash dishes
  • In some cases, it is also used for industrial purposes

The price of water hoses has a very direct relationship with the price of raw materials for the production of paint hoses for PVC granules. Some lubricating oils that use these oils to make the hose flexible.

Usually, if you want to buy this hose in bulk (the bulk order means more than 10 hoses), the sellers will pack and price the hoses based on three parameters:

  • Hose size in inches.
  • Hose weight in kilograms.
  • The length of the hose is in meters.

Buying 1-inch hose today is very prosperous and profitable due to the many applications that this hose has in the field of domestic and industrial applications. Well, for example, if you want to buy a 1-inch hose without worries and with confidence, buying this hose from a reputable and experienced center that guarantees its production hoses will offer you the best possible quality in this regard. Help you a lot.

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